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My distinctive brand of cartographic art is produced with commitment to professional excellence combined with first-class reliability. I supply publishers and customers with affordable original artwork, or I can supply high-res scans to client specification.


For authors, editors and publishers, my maps:

  • make decorative and informative endpapers

  • add a unique style of thematic illustration

  • can be used as small- and large-scale locator maps and town/street plans


For commemorative events my maps:

  • make a gift of distinction to mark a special celebration or commemorative event

  • are a personalised location map for a private or public function

  • add a classic touch to wedding invitations

Shakespeare's London, c.1606

An extract from the original map drawn for 1606: William Shakespeare and the Year of Lear by James Shapiro. Reproduced by kind permission of Faber and Faber

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